The horizon duplicates itself

I only act good if im watched,  So I make sure to plan my 
walk in the gaze of those perched little eyes,
I am so full of a secret thing
and if that secret was recorded, everyone would laugh at me 

See it's a secret thing that will bring me closer to fungibility

I want to be gutted
and when the cameras look at the sidewalk splatter will they feel guilty?
Of course not the little things would turn their slim necks back and 
laugh cuz they finally see me behave in a way  they expected from a rat like me 

The horizon duplicates itself, 

Into an aftermath 
pushing into negation and 
the great wash of perfect desire,
a terror so total that it allows for a more interesting formal capacity 
Won’t you just leave me with the design of my own curtailed lust ?! 

The horizon duplicates itself,

I  walk around downtown all day, tripping over my cane looking east and west, 
Pavement rolling.
Can’t the final implosion of self and other 
leave me a mess of wires, themselves sizzling in the corner of
this vacant lot , a huge potentiality of data neutered by the crash of their fraying ends. 

I walk toward a building, not yet in total limp, that takes all day to be revealed
One leg gaining an inch or two, 
I can see a hologram of another world hovering so plainly over the sidewalk
, Gaseous, I walk in the shadow of the prison on alameda.

Damn, there is no sun in downtown LA
There is just air and dust building up themselves, sturdy  
in anticipation of the break down. 
There are no legs but a staleness
that moves faster than a synapse pleading with a muscle 
the muscle does not move, it's stuck at the ankle.

The horizon duplicates itself. 

If I was to inhabit the very promise of my own demise, redoubling that into self actualization 
it wouldn't look like the sexy institutional arguments that divide our great work into
 Annihilation or a building that can hold everyone of our friends. 

It would just be the horror of a body that is so marked by the very hands of its maker that it explodes into the grace of god. 
It would be so splendid, so special 
so fucking changed that you have to look away from its present form,
 lest you catch it! You better run baby what I got is gonna get you! 

The horizon duplicates itself. 

And nothing human can survive into the future and i know already know the steady arguments that make a
subject swerve into an endless bitmash of a flesh, not made of protein but of a smelly ooze  
the mark of the economy, the bark of  extractive abandonment. Preform your austerity measures bitch! You can take it all way from me. 

The horizon duplicates itself, and 

A fear procedure reveals a rolling hill,
Asphalt fractures into a mineral rich grass and with my tired legs i fall 
It burst open my skin, medicinal 
Suddenly, bleeding, a car picks me up and we cruise down the 10